Suliflor PREMIUM multipurpose substrate is created by professionals for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor plants – bedding and vegetable plants, potted plants, flower and foliage plants, hanging baskets, bulbs.

It’s porous structure, nutrient-rich composition is essential for flowering, green and vegetable plants.

Raw material: mixture of selected sorts of peat, free of weeds, diseases and impurities, different humification grades H3 – H6. Peat – makes soil very porous.

Basic additives: calcitic & dolomitic limestone – corrects pH of the substrate, supplies essential plant nutrients Ca + Mg.

Fertilizer: Mixture of organic and mineral fertilizer. Quickly soluble mineral fertilizer supplies all the required nutrients for the primary development. Long-lasting organic bio-fertilizer feed plant up to 60-80 days.

Wetting agent FIBA ZORB. Rapid wetting and re-wetting, improves drainage, maximizes the applied fertilizers and nutrients.

Bag sizes 70 L



Premium Universal Compost Soil 70L

HK$190.00 一般價格


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