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Awning 伸縮蓬

We provide awning one-stop solution to make your life more enjoyable. Our awning is available in many models to best fit your needs and budget. These systems are custom built to fit various kinds of spaces and can be used both as sun protection and inclement rain protection. Model will be chosen based upon size and features, and whether the awning can be mounted to the wall or needs to be a free standing and a self-supported system.

There are several fabric type, pattern or color of the pergola awning for options and awning systems can be either manually operated with a hand crank or conveniently operated with an integrated tubular motor which is controlled by a hand held remote based on your preference and budget. With the remote the awning will extend and retract automatically.

Our awnings are perfect for families, restaurants and cafes with outdoor area, as they can keep you and your families or guests happy and comfortable during fierce sun and inclement weather. 

Feel free call us +852 6547 2233 for expert suggestions and we look forward to making your outdoor live fashionable and enjoyable with our high quality awning. 


◆Customed size, fabric and patten to match diffferent requests 

◆Screws made in stainless steel,aluminum frame can support bigger gravity, powder-coated cassette finish.

◆The awning can be adjusted within a certain angle range.

◆When close,the whole awning is retracted into the cassette to protect the fabric


The Only Shade Sails provider and installer in Hong Kong

As the Exclusive Shade Sails provider and installer in Hong Kong, we bring local residence with the latest trend in sun protection. Shade Sails, pretecting you and your family from UV hurt in outdoor activities with contemporary style Shade Sails can protect you from the severe effects of the sun's heavy & UV rays in courtyard, pool areas, gardens, children’s play areas, car spaces and entry ways. Shade sails’ woven polyethylene fabric offers ups to 90% UV protection. Shade Sails can be easily mounted to your home, large trees, patio/deck columns or they can be flown from wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings. It is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola, umbrella or covered porch which can easily enhance the loveliness of the outdoor areas with their simply and modern look.

These temporary tension structures can also be easily taken down seasonally if needed. They have easily proven to withstand wind gusts of up to 60mph. For sake of safty, we suggest you take the shade sails down during hard wind weather with signal 3 hurricane or above.

We Provide one-step Shade Sails solutions to make your outdoor life more enjoyable  

  • Already made Various shapes of Shade sails in different sizes & colors (square, rectangle, equal triangle, right triangle  & sandstone, dark green, grey, white) click here to shop!

  • Tailor made shade sails per your request

  • Galvanized Post

  • Accessories

  • Installment service

pls find more details by downloading the files below:

price & installment details

shade sails provided & installed by us in Hong Kong

The price may vary a little bit from the PDF file, please call us at +852 6547 2233 to get more information.

Garden Services

Garden Maintenance Services including:

 - Lawn care

 - Planting

 - Hedge cutting

 - Basic tree trimming( Tree under 3 meter)

 - Leaf clearing

 - Shrubs and bougainvillea pruning

 - Water plant

1. Under 600 s.q.f garden / 2hrs work $1,600

2. 600 - 1,500 s.q.f garden / 4 hrs works $2,800

3. 1,500 + s.q.f garden / 8 hrs work $5,000

 Fertilizer Application ( Using both slow release and liquid fertilizer)

1. $800 / per application (Good for 45 to 60 days and garden size under 600s.q.f.)

2. $1,200 / per application (Good for 45 to 60 days and garden size in between

    800 - 1,500 s.q.f.)

3. $1,600 / per application (Good for 45 to 60 days and garden size 1,500 + s.q.f.)

Garden Monthly Maintenance Services

Period : 3 months

Attendance: 2 times a month

Fertilizer Application: 1 time

- Lawn care  

- Planting

- Hedge cutting

- Basic tree trimming( Tree under 3 meter)

- Leaf clearing

- Shrubs and bougainvillea pruning

- Water plant


Under 600 s.q.f garden  - $3,800/month

600 - 1,500 s.q.f garden - $7,000/month

1,500 + s.q.f garden        - $9,000/month

Our garden maintenance service minimum charge will be $1,500. For more details and inquiry, please feel free to WhatsApp or ring us at 6547 2233.


Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Garden Plus is managed by a group of enthusiastic people who love outdoor lives. On Lantau Island, there are a lot of households who have their own garden. Out of the experience managing our own farms and gardens on Lantau island, GardenPlus understand what really fit Hong Kong outdoor life.



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